Our island

Tenerife is our home, and for this reason we consider ourselves very lucky! Tenerife offers us an unbeatable geographical situation, orography and climate for paragliding.

Tenerife’s spring-like climate allows us to fly practically all year round. We can fly in and out of the island… Fly over its seas, its volcanic topography, its unusual landscapes, and enjoy flying experiences that are, in our opinion, unequalled.


At HappyFly Tenerife we understand the fascination you feel for paragliding.

Soaring through the skies, descending to the rhythm of the winds, feeling the power of nature…. We know it’s a unique experience that you’ll want to repeat! That’s why your safety is our top priority.

We want your dream to come true in absolute safety and comfort.

We use the latest generation of aproved equipment for tandem flying, with easy to use and safe sails, harnesses with emergency parachutes and high security maillons.

We use the latest generation of approved equipment for tandem flights, with easy to use and safe sails, harnesses with emergency parachutes and high safety harnesses.

Accompanying you on your tandem flight are expert flight technicians with decades of experience who not only know the island and its weather perfectly… But they also know you. They understand those nerves… Those reactions…

And they know how to guide you so that you fully enjoy yourself at all times. So, whether you’re looking for a unique experience… Or if you want to master the art of paragliding? Fly with HappyFly Tenerife and we’ll be waiting for you!