Complete paragliding initiation course



3 months





We have members of the technical team who are part of the motoring team as instructors in the best recognised schools.



Flight logbook: Where you will have to record your daily flights, observations, etc.


Introductory flying book: A book that explains everything that has to do with paragliding initiation from the beginning to a very technical point.


Compulsory Insurance Civil Liability insurance for 3 months, which is more or less the time required for the total duration of the course.


2 to 3 two-seaters with the instructor to be done at different stages of the student’s learning.


Theoretical classes The courses take place in our facilities where you will also be able to watch videos where you will be able to see the progression as you progress through the course.

Paraglider ground controluntil you are totally autonomous to be able to take off in complete autonomy and safety.

10 to 20 Guided flights per transmitter, where at the end you will be able to perform the corresponding approaches with complete autonomy and reach the ground in complete safety. The number of flights will depend on how fast or slow each student progresses.

Duration: It depends essentially on the progress of the student, but our experience shows that 3 months are enough to complete the course with total autonomy and security in the student’s level.


Access and preparation for the theoretical and practical exams to obtain the Federative Paragliding Pilot Certificate.


The material necessary to carry out the practices and the whole course is provided by the school (chair, paraglider, helmet, parachute, transmitter, etc.).