Your paragliding session: how does it go?

The preparation.

A very important We get to know each other, introduce ourselves, and discuss the important details of our flight together:

Time: We study the weather conditions of the day in order to calculate the factors that may influence the flight and to ensure a safe experience.


Tour: We see the route to be taken on the flight to explain the different places to be observed.

Equipment: we use the latest generation of equipment approved for tandem flight. The paragliders are designed, among other factors, according to the weight to be supported in flight (all of them, including tandem gliders), and have a load range of 140 – 220 kg.

Clothing for a comfortable flight. Remember to wear hiking boots, or comfortable non-open-toed shoes (such as sandals, or shoes with heels), and warm clothing (especially in winter and on performance flights), and gloves.

The take-off.

Before launching into flight, we will visually recognise the area we want to fly and the orography of the landscape.

We will now give you the necessary instructions to perfectly perform the technique of take-off, flight and landing. And now, yes!

It’s time to put on your open helmet, get into your seat, adjust it correctly, and anchor yourself in front of the pilot.

We confirm with you if everything is ready on your side, and if so, and depending on the wind direction, the pilot will decide the best time for take-off! What will happen when you take off?

It’s absolutely normal, and we have to keep running! You just have to concentrate on your own run and let the pilot coordinate the rest.

You just concentrate on your own run and let the pilot coordinate the rest, and if there is a problem during take-off we simply stop and start again.

Thee flight

The glider will take off at about 15 km/hour.

The glider only needs headwinds of about 15 km/hour.

If there is no wind, we will need more space to take off as we have to reach 15 km/h, but this is not a technical problem.

In just 2 or 3 metres of running you will be in the air.

The ground will disappear from under your feet… and adrenaline will flood your system!

And yet, you will feel a unique sensation of peace and serenity… Enjoy it!

Sit in the chair when the pilot tells you to, and let yourself go!

You’ll notice that the passenger harness is secure and the seat is very comfortable, in fact you’ll be sitting like on the sofa at home!

Soak up the unique sensations you will discover, the beauty of the landscape at your feet, and the comments of your pilot.

And try to live your paragliding flight with maximum intention!

The landing.

After the flight time has elapsed, your pilot will warn you that it is time to land.

All you have to do is to climb in exactly as you did on take-off, and be ready to run when you come into contact with the ground.

Depending on the wind at the time, you may land in 0 metres, or you may need to take a few steps, but to give you an idea, landing your paragliding flight can be comparable to jumping from a 20 cm high stool. If the take-off is easy, the landing is even easier!

Once on the ground, take a deep breath, and pause for a moment to take in what you have just experienced, and the wonder of paragliding!